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Producer / writer /actor

Jonathan Green, a British explorer and cartographer, receives an order from the Russian Tsar Peter The First to create a map of the Russian Far East. And again a long road awaits him full of incredible adventures that lead him to China! Cartographer will face a dizzying mass of discoveries, unexpected encounters with unimaginable beings, Chinese princesses, deadly masters of martial arts and even Loon Wang, The King of Dragons himself!
What could be more dangerous than a look into Viy’s eyes? Oh well, maybe only the second look… 
What will end up being stronger this time - the scientist’s staunch skepticism or the ancient black magic that has long been in power in the East?


Producer / writer /actor

On his way back home from China accompanied by Cossaks and his new Chinese friends a famous English cartographer Jonathan Greene has disembark in India hoping to get on board an East India Company ship.

Producer / writer /actor

The mystery of inhabitants of the isolated village should stay in these woods forever…

…Early 18th century. Cartographer Jonathan Green makes a journey from Europe to the East. During his trip through Transylvania he understands that he has lost his way. Having wandered in mist for quite a long time he finds himself in a small Cossack village. People here live isolated having fenced themselves from any contacts with the outer world. What do these people hide? What are they afraid of and why are they hiding themselves? The scientist decides to unravel the mystery related to the name of the unusual mythic creature Viy. Ancient Slavic tales come to life…

You think you know the story of Viy? Get ready to change your mind.


Director / writer / producer

The silence of school hallways is interrupted by a sudden sound of a gunshot. A history teacher driven to the edge has taken hostage a group of schoolkids. But soon the situation reverses when she is taken hostage in turn ...



Yakov Dzhugashvili, the son of the great Stalin. It is his fate and his tragedy. 

Leni Riefenstahl. Beautiful, smart, Hitler’s favorite director. Her goal it is not only to make a film about the son of the great leader, but also to perform a secret mission of the Third Reich.
The terrible truth will change their lives and weave their fates in a single knot of love, betrayal and death.


Producer / writer 

Fire has the power not only to take life, but also to give it. Few realize the obvious: the fire is as alive as we. What moves the fire in reality? Who has the real power over it?
When the familiar world turns to ashes the new superhero will be born in the flames.
This Hero’s calling is to fight the fire and save lives. He has no match perhaps because it is the meaning of his life. Well, also, the fire cannot hurt him. He is willing to challenge the most dangerous nature’s element in order to understand it and to protect the people. He is ready to give his own life for the lives of others. But there are some who want it the most... The villains of unparalleled scale
Are you ready to play with fire? Time is running out, and the lives of millions are at stake.


This story is based on numerous real-life stories of those who chose to stay unnamed. 
A young provincial girl full of vitality, who is dancing to “My Boy,” doesn’t even suspect that soon, when she goes to conquer the capital, she will meet a man, and that this meeting will put an abrupt end to her dreams. The heroine will turn into “that woman,” the mistress. The one who is being kept. She will have to walk the way. She will forget her bright hopes and lose herself completely for the sake of wealth. Will she find the strength to escape the never-ending awaiting, emptiness and humiliation? Is she still capable of this step after so many years of being “kept”?


Producer / writer /actor

1941. October. There are thousands of German troops advancing on Kalinin (now Tver), to open a direct route to Moscow. There are only two thousand people defending the city. No tanks. No artillery. Their only hope to hold off the enemy – is the fifth Infantry Division, that is about to go through the Kalinin station. But there are spies out there doing everything to prevent this from happening. Major Pavel Tokarev, Head of the Kalinin garrison, is struggling to maintain order in the city. And he himself falls under suspicion of being involved in spy activity.


On August 17, 2009 at 8:13 local time there was an accident which took away human lives. The movie will tell us about one of world’s largest technogenic catastrophes.
The main hero comes back to his hometown to get a job at the Station where his parents worked all their life. 
In the very first days he gets in the zone of the emergency incident. Thanks to his profound knowledge of hydroelectric power stations and his strong character our hero successfully organizes and heads a rescue operation.


Producer / writer /actor

The world was preparing this expedition for several dozens years. They thought that they will be the first on Mars. They thought that they will open the way to the whole mankind… Enigmatic unexplainable events that will occur in cosmos during the flight will change the fates not only of the spaceship crew but of the Earth. Who is at fault that the spaceship wrecked? Why it’s only captain who remained on Mars? What is he destined to suffer? The whole world will follow this. And not only ours…

Producer /actor

What were the reasons of the mass ethnic cleanses in the past? Where are the origins of interethnic intolerance and nationalistic propaganda in the present? These issues are relevant today no less then ever before. There are still conflicts between people that are rooted in nationalistic ideas. There are voices that deny the reality of the Holocaust as a historical fact. We cannot allow the terrible tragedy to happen again thus we must never forget it!
Three short stories. Three camps.



Producer /actor

The film, an action of which occurs in both hemispheres of the terrestrial globe, with the participation of presidents, bosses of drug cartels, agents of state security services, and powerful secret organizations, begins from a shocking, but quite “domestic skirmish”. A drug Mafiosi is beating his employee with a golf club, with the purpose of educating him, because his mobile phone had been stolen by a hard working agent of the state security services.

Having recognized the incommensurableness of the punishment and the level of his fault, the mutilated gangster is one of the first heroes of the film who asks the question: “What do we actually know about the world we live in?” But he will not have the time to think about the answer. The agent, who took his property, not thinking that a mobile phone could be as dangerous as an atomic bomb, will seek an answer to this question.

The speed of the following events is equivalent to its entertaining content. Secret codes, solutions, of an enigma, persecutions, newly discovered corpses… There’s no joke to this mystery: an unveiling of this mystery will destroy all preexisting comprehensions about international politics in the mind of the people.


Director / producer

Two experienced policemen investigate the case of a triple murder in the theatre. One of the four actors that happened to be in the one dressing room, survived. Several characters of the tragedy are suspected, including the famous actress, staying in a mental health clinic for compulsory treatment. What led all of them to the tragic outcome? Who is guilty of the deaths of the people? What mysteries live behind the theatrical curtains? The main character – the spectator of the psychological thriller in the “live” stile “To Be or Not To Be” is looking for the answers to these questions. THE POWER OF THE WORD. THE CADUCITY OF FAME. THE CRISIS OF THE GENRE.


Producer / writer / actor

How to stay alive after having caught a million on the angle? Especially if this million belongs to the Big Boss, Ex-mad dog (Michael Madsen) from the films of Quentin Tarantino, who is ready to bait not only “black mamba” on you, but two of his bodyguards – Body 1 (Alexander Karpov) and Body 2 (Alexey A. Petrukhin). Besides, part of the money is already spent. The heroes have only 48 hours to find and return the money and to rid themselves from the companions that are not be trifled with.

Producer / actor

Gia is a goner, as he calls himself. People around him are goners too, just like him. Drugs, alcohol, and idleness fill their lives. Man lives while his soul is alive in him, and Gia’s soul is still warm. That is why he receives a message through a beggar that he is a chosen person who is to find Goddess Dali, or Love. Many people tried to find Dali, many men perished on this quest, but the ancient legend says that only the chosen ones were able to find her, only those men who have realized that Love lives in your own self. The drama evolves against the background of the “Dead City” where there are no children and animals, where there is no Love. It is very difficult to find the goddess in a city of that kind, nobody but a truly obsessed person can do it.


Director / writer / producer

A real life drama unfolds of the stage that is supposed to carry an opening night of a musical... People, who were headed to a cheerful and bright celebration, come face to face with death. They become hostages, they go through a terrible ordeal preserving their human dignity and courage. The ordinary people become heroes.



Don’t be in doubts about those who you love – your doubts may come true. Two people of different ages are going on holiday. He is older and that’s why appreciates her youth and naivety. It seems to her that she is not experienced and emancipated enough for him. Having started the game “a driver – a hitch-hiker”, instead of reaching a certain sexual excitement they show themselves from unexpected sides. None of them is able to stop and there is nothing else to be told each other.



The film is a conceptual sequel of the Brigade television series and the lives of its characters. But the focus is on the story of Alexander Belov’s son Ivan. The film is about Russia of today, about things everybody talks – politics, corruption, cynicism of big business and special services. It is a film about a new generation, the young people that on disclosing the truth about their parents’ dirty business do not follow in their footsteps but choose their own way. They hold dear values like honour, love and Motherland. The character who used to have a comfortable life abroad chooses to stay in Russia (unlike in the series) in the hope that he can instill these values in the lives of his nearest and dearest and his country too.

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